Wireframe Engagement Journey:

Research Conversion Process Automation


Wire Framing
Strategy: Customer Journey
Conversion Strategy

Wireframe Engagement Journey:

Research Conversion Process Automation

  01 Objective 

Within the high-technology and hybrid-cloud infrastructure, the is a constant need for lead generation. Created a digital content strategy to generate sales leads for value-added resellers.



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This representation is only part of the process but represents a guided element in H.E.O. Customer Journey and build out solid process.

The client, a larger international corporation was trying to create more lead sources for VAR partners overall within the United States.

Through H.E.O. best practices – surveys we were able to plot data about why customers buy from Groupware. Also, with additional research, we were able to learn how partners upsell to customers. We identified that current marketing strategies were not landing on point for the current consumer’s perspective.

After implying H.E.O. we were able to see clearer pathways and processes for lead gathering. After reviewing Groupware big data we were able to identify patterns in their analytics. These patterns provided us with a clear view of which types of mediums were the most received. You could see paid social ads provided more clicks. In retrospect internally, when viewing their social platforms that they were not optimized to receive leads on social platforms.

These and more data analysis created a clear path for us to define a process strategy. Our final process included a dynamic reporting platform, which we used to tweak the campaign while in the process. At scale, it was easier to show growth and adjust supporting email automation sequencing when we saw immediate fall off of the planned customer journey.

“By realigning our digital strategy and content as now written to the actual topic of interest of the customer we were able to directly align with the customer’s pain-points.”

  02  Technologies Deployed

  • Hand Sketches
  • Communications – +Email +Survey +Platforms
  • Invison
  • ShareSpring
  • Social Media Paid Platforms
  • Programmatic Marketing
  • Graphic Design  –BunnyBoxDesign
  • Front Stack Development
  • Google Adwords
  • AMP code
  • {others}

  04 Synopsis 

The end goal of generating new leads for this client provided an interesting set of challenges. Because of my certified knowledge of Adwords and data analytics we were able to keep a close eye on our final product.  Although we were only designing a landing page and complementary paid promotional strategies we were more successful than any of Groupware’s previous campaigns.  Upon our completion date, we bypassed the end date and build out another complementary campaign with complementary content assets. We now know what content that their visitors actually convert to an interested lead. A customer journey formula has been created heavy in SSO conversion.

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