New Site New Launch and New Reporting

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New Site New Launch and New Reporting

  01 Objective 

New site launches are strenuous and intense! 30 days later the reporting is the new ultimate way to view your successes and improve on what the data reveals neds work. Using Google Data Studio and several 3rd party add-ons you can build out a robust reporting deck that embraces dozen of data inputs. Through pulling Big Query and SQL you can access unlimited data feeds.
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This representation is only part of the process but represents a guided element in H.E.O. Customer Journey and build out solid process.
“Google Data Studio has some amazing capabilities comparable with Adobe Studio when optimized. ”

  02  Technologies Deployed

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Social Media
  • Paid Ads – Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter
  • AMP code
  • Super Metrics
  • Looker
  • Big Query
  • Tableau
  • SEO – Keyword Minded Text Content Tool
  • {others}
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Google Data Studio: Finding the Fringes of Data Collection 



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