MicroInteraction Studio

Haptics, Auditory,
& Visual Enabling Momentary

Micro Interactions and Flows supported by qualitative and quantitative data are my specialties in experiential design. The science of Haptics, Auditory, and Visual Enabling Confirmations is an area of design that polishes long experiences and wins over stakeholders. It’s the engagement element feedback loop that makes a good experience great!

These are samples of either ongoing projects or parts of end-to-end UI / UX experiences. I integrate the science of HCI and the science of haptics into all of my product builds once qualitative and quantitive data has been thoroughly researched to support the overall product growth. The H.X.O. methodology maintains a delicate balance when deployed.

Web3, Blockchain Industry, and Defi

Its an exciting time to define new roadmaps into the Metaverse.