I have enjoyed building dynamic teams and after 10+ year in managing team of 10 -150 technical individuals. I spend much of the pandemic investing in my own leadership knowledge base. Through honing my leadership skills I have Iearned that I fall into the empathetic, and somatic leadership executive by definition

When you run a national digital agency, you work in a lot of different corporate environments. Some healthy and balanced and some fall into the chronically toxic environments. 

Experiences build character, and age brings insights. These are my Core Principles that are applicable with further clients and corporate environments.  Living healthy and sustainable daily is key to happiness.


Build when the needs forms a complete transparent user solution.



Build teams of individuals more talented in complementary skill sets that share the same passion and purpose goals.

H.XO. (TM) Methodolgy

Actively research both Quantitative & Qualitative means to continuously learn new ways to adapt to the ever-changing experiential  landscape.

Pivot & Perfect

Build fast and accurately but forgive yourself to pivot with equal speed when the end experience and growth calls for it.


Build bigger than yourself. Build products that help more than hurt. 



Take care of yourself so you can be actively listen to users and the their pain points.

Mind The Journey

Pause to notice small successes in the overall process.

Own your integrity

Guide and lead with integrity consistently. Be an active listener and offer/receive creative critisim in stride.


Make decisions based on high EQ + IQ and data based that are in the best interest of the user


Enable others through financial education and self empowerment.

Gratitude & Growth

Be thankful for what you can build and what you business issues that you can solve.


Do not engage or be present in toxic unhealthy environments both. Strive for healthy life work balance.