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Portfolio ~ UX / UI End to End


Sustainable Financial Investing

Wello – Fitness Health App

Research & Development Application

Remodeling EDU On-Demand

Flavor and Spice App

Portfolio ~ UX / UI End to End

(In-Depth Process)

Cloud Infrastructure App Deployment

Cloud Infrastructure A.I./ML

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ERP Assembly Manufacturing & Safety Optimization

MRI Radiology App

Drone Geo-Fencing App

Interaction Design

“J&W Studio”

I developed a methodology the spans research Haptics, Visual Movements, and Auditory Confirmations create a sense of accomplishment for the user. We are moving towards a future where all senses are possible for positive and negative experiences. There are more opportunities to learn from negative user experiences.

I curated a methodology called H.X.O. ™ that blends qualitative and quantitative analysis with design to produce optimal engaging experience. After 12 years in professional practice, I prefer to think of it as a new UX science emerging around Web3.

Product Design


During the 15+ years of my experiential product journey I have had the opportunity to build end-to-end products and to step in where needed to salvage a broken process.

One of my favorite elements has been building out a proprietary methodology called H.X.O..

H.X.O.  pleasantly balances the common product design lifecycle process by leaning on Quantitative and Qualitative research in real time both before, after post-launch, and ongoing as the product grows. The methodology creates ongoing data points relevant to a unique brand experience.

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