Wireframe Engagement Journey:

Research Conversion Process Automation



Client: Ellevest.com

Formerly 85Broads.com and Elevate
FinTech, Investing (IAAS), Women-led
Focus: Migrate and retain as many users of the recently purchase 85Broads/Elevate women financial advise community of over 50,000 users and 30 chapters to the new Investing app/desktop platform Ellevest.com

Reflective of brevity and NDAs this page will reflect a cohesive chronological, and abbreviated list of my own PM steps end-to-end on this client’s product goal.
Additionally my proprietary H.X.O. methodology is woven through all PM/D steps avoiding endless reiteration loops from inept persona research and continually enhances on-going user experience.

Journey Guide

*Aerial Objective: Clarify

*Aerial Objective: Clarify
-Accessing Constraints
-Scope Segmentation

-H.X.O. Methodology Research

*Embrace the User

Embrace the User
-Predicative Formula = “The Whill”
-Qualitative – “The What”
-Stakeholder Interviews
-A/B & Multivariant Design Testing
-Quantitative – “The Why”

*Design & Develop

Design & Develop
*Pro/Con Solutions & Feature Options
Prioritization Weighted Matrix
-User Stories – Empathy & CoDependency

*Launch & Iterate

Launch & Iterate
-Landing Page WorkFlow
-Test and Pivot
-Goal Q&Q Measurement Matrix

*Post Launch: Measure & Learn Metrics

Post Launch: Measure & Learn Metrics
H.X.O. Post Launch Feedback Loop
-User Metrics
-Product Metrics
-Q&Q Reporting Post
-Log Achievements (and challenges)

Ellevest Product Engagement, Migration, Launch

Qualitative & Quantitative Process 

  01 Objective 

Work with the client to define and implement the retention of as many users as possible from the acquisition of the 85Broads/Elevate community. A women-led financial advising platform and community with IRL local chapters and 20+ years growth.

Create a strategy that embraces new female financially savvy women who need a more hands on guide and approach to investing geared to match the earning capacity of women over a lifetime. Implement an ongoing campaign through landing pages and contextual content, promoting trust to embrace the fear of current investing. 

Unique to its own focus Ellevest streamlines the process of investing, coaching, and money management through two tiers and content services. 

Starting Metrics:

-IRL community over 50,000k very engaged users. (Attends/hosts events, Networking, login on monthly
-Generalized community benchmarks, site traffic, content indexing, social media post reach, event signups


  02 Embracing the User

Data provided by the client was used to determine Segmentation, Use Cases, Pain Points, and Features that solve for gaps or sufficiently embrace the goal solution. Implementing a H.X.O. methodology has provided us with additional current user data points. Meshing “Q&Q” we can better understand when being in the shoes of the user.


Segment 1–  C-level suite female employees ver active on the site. Directly contributes to community that they are comfortable in. Long-time members alway interested in networking with similar employee suite level. Growing need to invest and trust the Ellevest brand and its founder Sallie Krawcheck. Hustle mentality to get to the “next“. Long term allegiant membership to financial wealth and the emotional stability that it brings. Will invest up to $10k, if the networking or investing benefits her. Can own a business outside day-job. Retains legal, financial and actuary services often in daily growth path. Concerns about children and other family members financial well-being. Years to retirement: 5-20

Segment 2 – Female employees in the finance industry directly. Need to save and hustle at a Wall Street pace. Desires financial security and animated to obtain their individual definition of “success”. Middle manager employee level. Concerned with their own well-being and parents. Years to retirement: 20-35

Segment 3 – Starting out / Unemployed. New too investing and looking to put money away for a guided goal. Goals are buy a home, save for child college, or personal purchase. Needs help to determine personal plan to pay off debts. Yearns for financial stability mindset. Needs heavy guidance to achieve goals. Loves technology and AI/ML. With guidance will align with a permanent relationship with Ellevest.  Want to feel safe and making positive steps for a financial future. Years to retirement: 10-35


  03  Tech Stack &  Specs

  • Hand Sketches, Wire Frames
  • Invision, Figma
  • PDR – Product Document Requirements
  • Programmatic Marketing Analytics
  • A/B Testing, Split testing Multivarient
  • Visual Design  –BunnyBoxDesign
  • Tableau Reporting
  • Front Stack Development
  • Output:
  • Landing Page used for paid adverts and reused internally with community for GTM/Product Marketing purpose

  04  H.X.O. Explained

The client, a national investing corporation was trying to create a consistent migration and conversion of financial users to a new investing platform app.

After implying H.X.O. we were able to see clearer pathways and processes for lead gathering and first communications. After reviewing 85 Broads big data we were able to identify patterns in their analytics. These patterns provided us with a clear view of which types of mediums were the most received. You could see paid social ads provided more clicks. In retrospect internally, when viewing their social platforms that they were not optimized to receive leads on social platforms.

These and more data analysis created a clear path for us to define a more thorough design process strategy. Our final process included a dynamic reporting platform, which we used to tweak the campaign while in the process. At scale, it was easier to show growth and adjust supporting email automation sequencing when we saw immediate fall off of the planned customer journey.

“Leaning into Qualitative Metrics and Quantitative Metrics we were able to determine that we could save time and use the same landing page content in multiple marketing strategies saving “

  05  Metric & Reporting

Our measurement achievment/fail matrix was an mix, weighted in qualitiative and quantitiaive. 

Qualitiative Metrics we invested in and found generated achievement metrics and knowledge points were Phenomenological Method, Grounded Theory Method, and post consumer consumption customer service

Quantitiative metrics were user base downloads, revisiting, landing page conversions Causal-Comparative/Quasi-Experimental methodology. The client was kind enough to supply previous analytics to comparative reporting metrics.

  05  A/B Multivarient Split Testing

The original landing page was structured in reverse of the below final layout. Original launch proved to be dissmal. Thus, we pivoted quickly and launched Multivarient A/B split testing. Highlighting social login and a longer video was directly attributed more signups.

This resulted in the an increase of 37% submission increase over all the original metrics before landing page update. Contextually content, the video and the length that it was watched was directly correlated to increased conversions.


Representational Image

  06 Key Takeaways 

The end goal of generating new leads for this client provided an interesting set of challenges. Because of my certified knowledge of programmatic marketing and data analytics we were able to keep a close eye on our final product. Although we were only designing a landing page and complementary paid promotional strategies we were more successful than any of Groupware’s previous product landing page campaigns.  Upon our completion date, we bypassed the end date and build out another complementary campaign with complementary content assets. We now know what content that their visitors actually convert to an interested lead 

Metrics: (10% – 24% pre A/B Variant testing, 57% submission increase after A/B testing. A customer journey formula with SSO heavily impacted increased submissions. The variant test, with a video assets extended visitors time on the site verses popping off-site.

  07  Prototype Actionable Landing Page – Desktop

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