Melding Human Experience Optimization and Data Driven Compassionate Creation Into All Modalities of Visual Communication. Passionate Quest For Simplicity While Creating a Stress-less Environment for Users


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With clients and corporations, we start with one story, built from a data-proven pain-point built on empathic values. Monitoring brand specs and company mantra/values I have built with teams and under my own motivation a process that maintains and builds brand value and recognition based upon customer-centric values. With this ongoing rolling flow, which includes a balance of outside trends, customer-centric research the amazing empathic-minded teams that I have nurtured are equally passionate about the final output. 

Brand guides and trends evolve. The balance of growth and change-related chaos is always present. The final brand and consumer evolve. Newly designed content could be an instructional design library rich with video resources, simply a branded graphic explaining a new product’s impact, the depth of a due diligence research project or a 30-page ebook.

An evolving brand pivot and happier customers brought together by hands-on connection to vendors and teams both internally and externally is a joyful process for myself. 

I love experiences and accumulating all the small happy ones in a day, observing others and creating happy moments for others filled with positivity.

Below are some of my creative nuggets of a larger process that always evolves.


What I Have Been Told That It Is Like Working With Me

– You build empathic teams that can pivot. if a load time and an extra screen add an unnecessary stop along the end-users journey I find complicating. Simplified processes, beautiful visuals of familiarity to the end-user and a feeling of accomplishment of simple tasks are important to me.

– My team retention is high. Once the team is formed empathic support of your teammates is graciously the main narrative.

Understanding the issue before you build or brand something is as important. It is not as important as just an RGB color change. The page speed load times, Ui and road for new knowledge need to be clear and a click away.

A dynamic balance between goals and data-driven input drives a process. This is actionable through H.X.O., EQ Insights, and behavioral H.C.I. knowledge.

(You are) a trusted team member that always shows up and creates an environment of security by constantly listening.

When hard decisions need to be made. They are taken care of with finesse. When we need to pivot, our team pivots to calibrate for change with little misunderstanding. Your New Yorker career is kind but firm in final decision paths.

You set goals, both budgetary, product management related and complete tasks that align the team to keep the flow to PM completion solid and predictable.

Change chaos brings change to the team or the project always. Your demeanor is both professional and reassuring in a time of crisis.

I always enjoyed having the opportunity to be certified in all different types of software solutions and methodologies. I appreciated that you gave me space to increase my value and then directly apply it to projects.

The Most Intriguing Thing I’ve Heard In My interview Journey 

“Do you know that the career demonstrates that you are a Polymath? The rare purple-unicorn. “

Few things after years of enjoying a diversified career do you hear from strangers and think I’m a what now? I laughed a bit and then asked what a purple-unicorn meant to them? Which one is the Polymath emoji?

**Not shown below, executive keynote presentations and 17+ years of previous client work.

Also note, all Brand logos have been removed from branded projects. Don’t share. I function under NDAs.

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