01 ISO:   

I’m in search of a Product leadership position at a brand with a forward thinking culture with a focus on Data Strategy, UX Intelligence, Social Media or Digital Media Strategy. Some exception/adaptation made for design related inquiries. 


I have spent 20+ years in technology mixed between corporate and entrepreneurial positions. As a polymath I have had  the opportunity to build and implement a wide successful skill set through many challenges for clients.


  • Empathic Leadership Polymorphic Product Tech Executive +

  • Establish Product Management & Marketing Leader +

  • Senior UX / UI Designer +

  • Psychometric  Instructional Design +

  • The inventor of the H.X.O.® Experiential Methodology +

  • 17+yrs. Digital C-suite Content Growth Executive +

  • 10+yrs. Stack Developer +

  • Building teams with a passion for purpose = a + robust obnoxious amount of happiness with their daily work 

  • Seasoned Pragmatic Approach to Business Challenges +

  • Healthy life balance, and the motivation to solve for the + betterment of communities as a whole is a topic that I value.

02 Elizabeth Hannan

My Proven Methodology:

Inside-Out & Top-Down HCI & UX Converged & Enhanced  = MEET H.X.O. ®

A streamlined and agile approach to empathically redefining business to be more efficient, and customer-friendly producing long-term business strategic successes.

 This gives you a 360-degree Customer-Centric XD Experience Methodology Applied to Data & Business

Inside is my private (and brief) portfolio. Through proven processes relatable to HCI, UX, and tons of Data Science Visualization projects I have accumulated a large portfolio. This is simply highlights of past projects that I consider them recent career accomplishments. I have a hands-on working knowledge, certifications, and management of the following:













04 What Happens Here?


All Things Design & Content

Client Case Studies

BI & Data Visualization

Client Case Studies

H.X.O.® – Methodology

Empathic Top-Down Implementation

(I work under NDAs, you will be asked to login to view.)

IOT, Digital Transformation, Certification and Technical Education Methodologies, Hyper-converged infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud, Machine Learning, High-Performance Computing, Vars, Channel Partners, Resellers, Affiliate, Digital , Social Strategic Marketing, Publishing, Fashion, Medical, Philanthropy and more…


03 Recent Industry Focus


Q: How is your skill set so diverse?

 A: I owned my own digital/social/data/development agency for over 10+ years. 

03 My Favorite Frequent Question


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Interested in reaching out? Great!

 I eagerly only work with 1st degree HR Directors who work for the hiring company or c-suite individuals of that same brand.

I don’t give out resumes to random requests, although I am happy to share with the appropriate decision maker who has a plan, and a company culture of innovation to match.

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06 Keywords

IXD, LMS, Learning Management Design, Technical Writer, Instructional Design, Product Marketing, Product Management, UX Design Team Lead, Chief Data Officer, CDO, UX, Portfolio, HCI, Human-Computer Interface, UX, User Experience, UI, User Interface Designer, Experience Design, Functionality, Acquisition, Brand loyalty, Managing & Steering Campaigns, Paid Media Placement, Paid Advertising, Social Media Advertising, LifeCycle Programs, Consumer-Centric Engagement, PsychoMetrics Learning Certification Systems, Instructional Design Practices,Data Analysis, Creative Growth Strategies, Partner Collaboration, Content Strategies, Customer Service Retention Trends, Video Creations and Optimization, Brand Building, Search Engine Optimization, Webinars, Online Educational Curriculum, Presentations, Conveyance of Story, Lead to Conversion,Technology Certification, KPIs, Graphic Design, Coder, Stack Developer, Startup, Venture Development, Entrepreneur, eCommerce, Crowdfunding, Channel Partners, Demand Gen, Account-Based Marketing, Buyer Personas, Analytics, Query Optimization, Segmentation Analysis, Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Fractional, H.E.O., Kaban, Agile, Project Management, Lean, Content Creator, Digital Marketing…and more.


07 Interests

AI, NLP, ML, VR Development, AR creation, Gamification, Design, Customer Journey, Data Segmentation, Technologies, Machine Learning, IOT, Cross-Industry Digital Transformation, Growth Analysts, Creating an Updated Certfication Learning System Better Than PsychoMetrics, Building New Products and more

My Favorite FAQ:

Why Do I have To Login To See Your Portfolio?

It is a professional portfolio. I have been active and practicing in the tech and small business industry for over 19+ years.
I respect the handful of NDAs that I have signed.
When you login you get full access. You are also agreeing to NOT SHARE my works with others outside of the hiring process publically.

I am looking for a new position FT + Remote.  Based out of NY, Seattle and with a technology company. Open to other companies of a different nature.

Eat. Sleep. Data. Experience. Mindfulness. Healthy Life Balance.