Elizabeth Hannan's Portfolio

Passion & Purpose Manifested in Strategically Deployed Technology Business Models

Who I Look Forward To Work With

Weekly, I consult with Executives @ Corporate Enterprise, Executives @ funded Startup, and Venture Capitalists. After years of launching software products, I am currently focused on Web3, BlockChain, Crypto businesses, and sustainable corporations building into a new space.

Currently, I’m In Search Of
I am seeking a new technology brand with quantifiable growth challenges, eager to pivot and grow forward together. Ideally, this brand exists in the BlockChain, Crypto, AI/ML/VR space or sustainability space. This brand will be looking to IPO or aquisition in ~three years.

Currently, this would be an insightful strategic focus of my Product, Experiential Design, Digital Marketing, or Analytical Research skill set.

If your product is unique, I am happy to discuss it further.
Depending on the established team, this role would be at the Executive level, C-suite, or Leadership role.

I communicate with Executives, 1st-relation, and Executive Search agents. Rarely Recruiters. Never 3rd Party recruiters


I’m Shifting in 2022.
Intentionally focused on Web3 and all businesses BlockChain Industries crafted and created.
If I was to qualify my career: It has been a blast and keeps getting more interesting daily!
If I were to quantify my career, it would look like this:

Empathic Leadership Polymorphic Product Tech Executive +
Establish Product Management & Marketing Leader +
Senior UX / UI Designer +
Psychometric Instructional Design +
The inventor of the H.X.O.® Experiential Methodology +
17+yrs. Digital C-suite Content Growth Executive +
10+yrs. Stack Developer +
Building teams with a passion for purpose = a + robust obnoxious amount of happiness with their daily work
Seasoned Pragmatic Approach to Business Challenges +
Healthy life balance and the motivation to solve for the + betterment of communities as a whole is a topic that I value
Don’t engage in toxic cultures and the people that they breed. +

Charting Technology Topography

A specialized and proven expertise in navigating new technologies and crafting the DEI teams around fluid business models that consistently succeed.

My career roadmap has led me through 20+ years of technologies built to make the end users' experience streamlined more enjoyable.

19+ yrs. in technology-based growth companies aimed at sustainability and efficiencies
+ 12+ yrs. Founded, Launched, Cultivated a national agency of certified and professionally educated talent specializing in Data, Design, Development, and Product-Focused Strategies
+ 10+ yrs. All things corporate enterprise and Instructional Design/Research Science focused.


+ 2+ Startup Acquisitions

+ Nominations and Awards

Getting Here

Product Management

Product Experiential UX / UI Research and Design

Content Design - CMO

Business Intelligence & Data Engineering

Where I’m Headed

Web3, Blockchain Industry, and Defi

Its an exciting time to define new roadmaps into the Metaverse.

A Different Approach to Analysis and Implementation

Proven Methodology:
Inside-Out & Top-Down HCI & UX Converged & Enhanced = MEET H.X.O. ®
A streamlined and agile approach to empathically redefining business to be more efficient, and customer-friendly producing long-term business strategic successes.
This gives you a 360-degree Customer-Centric XD Experience Methodology Applied to Data & Business


Eat. Sleep. Data. Experience. Mindfulness. Healthy Life Balance.

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Eat. Sleep. Data. Experience. Mindfulness. Healthy Life Balance.